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Dante Audio-over-Ethernet Products Model 208 Announcer's Console

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The Model 208 is a compact audio control center optimized for on-air applications, supporting announcers, commentators, and production personnel where Dante audio-over-Ethernet technology is utilized. Two pushbutton switches allow the user to control two audio output channels: one main and one talkback. The unit requires an Ethernet with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection to supply both the data interface as well as power.

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Product Information & Images
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Model 208 Dante Announcer's Console Dimensions

Model 208 Dante Announcer's Console

Model 208 Dante Announcer's Console

Model 208 Announcer's Console Front and Back Views

Model 208 shown with MBK-02 Mounting Bracket Kit

Model 208 Announcer's Console shown with optional MBK-02 Mounting Bracket Kit

Model 208 Specifications coming soon.